Lane Herring

Lane was Vice President of her class and ran Cross Country all of her four years at Leesville.  She was a key member of Yearbook, serving as one of the three Editors in Chief  her senior year.  She also was a leader of the French Club, Homecoming princess, maintained a 4.5 GPA and earned money through babysitting and coaching basketball through the Upward Program.  About her, classmate Brendan Marks reflected, “Lane is always thinking outside the box and putting forth extra effort to make things memorable for other people.”  Her indomitable spirit is also evident in her life philosophy.  Without a pause, she said it could be summed up this way:  “Why NOT?  Take risks, don’t fear failure, go ALL OUT!”

Ms. Scioli remembers her best for her participation in the social class simulation that takes place each year in her Honors Sociology classes.  “Lane was an inspiring leader of the lower class.  She led a civil disobedience movement that was truly inspiring, and she did it with joy and determination.  No one wanted to let her down, because she led by example.”