Andy Lam

Andy Lam is a “Leesville 4 Lifer”, meaning he spent his entire K-12 experience on Leesville’s unique campus.  This might help explain Andy’s unwavering commitment to, and passion for, all things “Pride”.  Born in the Triangle, Andy has been a constant presence in his family’s local and much-loved restaurant, Handee Kitchen.  He began studying Chinese language at The Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language at the age of five and has transitioned to tutoring and volunteering there in recent years.  Andy’s commitment to service has always been evident at Leesville, mainly as an active and ever-present member of Executive Council.   He hustled for donations for the food drive, Diabetes research, participated in state conventions, and was the editor of our application to receive national recognition for Leesville’s student council (and the rights to hold the state convention in 2017) .  It’s a testament that for Andy, it has always been about the school, not about him.  His selfless commitment has been an inspiration and his unbridled enthusiasm has uplifted the spirits of many in the past four years.  Andy and his sister Nina are the first generation of college attendees in their family.  Andy will attend the University of North Carolina at Wilmington to pursue a career in biochemistry.