LRHS Clubs or Faculty Members to Be Honored

When you take the Murphy Challenge, you are indicating that you appreciate the impact Leesville Road High School has had on generations of our youth.  Often , it is their involvement in a club or group that spurs students to every greater achievement.

Honor one of those clubs or groups when you take the Murphy Challenge!  That group will receive a one-time $5 donation to support their organizational growth and development.*

You can also honor a faculty member with your donation.  While funds cannot be distributed to individuals, that teacher, coach, or administrator will be able to see that they made a lasting impact through their public service.  What could be more satisfying than to know you made a difference in the life of a young person?

So, consider both of these options when you take the Murphy Challenge today!


*Donations to clubs are contingent on the donation being recurring for 6 months and accumulating a minimum of $60.  The benefit will be extended just once to each donor.  The Club Recognition Program is funded by an individual supporter of the scholarship and is not funded by donations to the scholarship.  100% of all Murphy Challenge donations go to the scholarship endowment.

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