Donor Recognition

Thank you!

This fund’s ability to support graduating seniors from Leesville Road High School would simply not be possible without the support of our generous donors. The Richard J. Murphy Memorial Scholarship owes its existence to the benefactors who invest in the Leesville community by honoring Richard Murphy’s legacy.

Gifts from current and former students and their families, faculty and staff members, members of the Leesville Road High School community, local businesses and civic organizations have allowed this scholarship to make a difference in our community and in the lives of our scholarship recipients as they embark on the next step in their educational journeys.

Our first recognition of this generosity is always – thank you.


Note:  Donors who have given permission to have their contributions recognized are listed below.  For more information email

Founder ($5,000+)

Cindy Murphy

Platinum ($1,000+)

Alan & Nora Winchester
Clay Aiken (’97)
Brian & Angie Scioli
Dascheil & Mary Propes
Hunt Ward
Jim & Susan Denning

Gold ($500+)

Craig Ross
Karen Vertreese
Yvonne Anderson
J. Park Denning (’05)
Monica Wilkerson

Silver ($100+)

Ann Hamilton
Blake Paro
Cammy Sollie
Dayna Seman
JoAnne LeSieur
Josh and Brooke Davis (’00)
Linda F. Taylor
Mark and Carrie Mash
Norman Duchesneau
Pat Murphy
Pat Fitzgerald
Paul & Heather Dinkenor
Smitty Harvell
Stacey Horowitz
Susan Ennis
Suzanne Tadlock
Susan Duncan
Vera Holshouser
Will & Danette Swann