1st Murphy Scholarship BBQ a Big Success

The Overturf family and “team” donated their equipment, expertise and time to help raise funds for the Murphy Scholarship by hosting a BBQ at Harrington Grove Pool on Saturday, May 16th.  Over 200 plates of delicious BBQ were purchased and over $1000 was raised.

This was the first BBQ fundraiser for the scholarship and organizers Mary Propes and Angie Scioli were really pleased with the turnout and results.  Angie said, “We are just so fortunate to have the involvement of the Overturf family.  Their support of the Leesville community is just unparalleled.   They really set the standard for how we can all use our gifts to support a shared vision for our community.”   This spring, the Overturfs hosted three BBQ fundraisers:  one for the LRHS baseball team, one for the LRHS band, and one for the scholarship.

chicken picbbq pic

Rick Overturf was mixing slaw the Friday night before the event, and they had their cookers and tents set up in the pool parking lot by 11:30.  The smell of chicken cooking throughout the afternoon drew people from the pool, and the many posters and “cheerleaders” posted at the nearby intersections helped direct people to the event.

Those who purchased plates quickly realized they had made a great decision.  The Overturfs are gaining quite the reputation in the area for their perfectly seasoned and peppery pork.  Folks “in the know” came to all three of their events this spring!   So, look for the signs next year and come on out to get a great meal and support the Murphy Scholarship.

rick and guys

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